- 29.04.2024 - 08:00 

Demystify Teaching and Learning Myths with the Self-Learning Course “Educational Myths Debunked (EMD 101)"

Our brand-new Self-Learning Course “Educational Myths Debunked” has launched. It provides you effectively with what you need to know to identify, understand and challenge questionable beliefs about teaching and learning.

Understanding and debunking prevalent myths in higher education is crucial to professional teaching and learning. This new online course equips you with the necessary knowledge and tools to critically analyze and challenge these misconceptions effectively. The course is structured into two key modules: the first provides a thorough overview of common myths, their origins, consequences, and strategies for addressing them, while the second offers a hands-on challenge using a specialized debunking tool to refute a selected myth. Designed for flexibility, the course can be completed at a self-paced rate, requiring just eight hours of total commitment. It is fully customizable to suit various academic disciplines and includes support in English, with certification options available.

Further information and registration: here Educational Myths Debunked 101 | HDZ-HSG | Universität St.Gallen (