Research in Vocational Education

What will Vocational Education and training look like in the future?

With our research activities in the field of vocational education and training, we make a contribution to future-oriented development in vocational education and training. We take up problems from the practice of vocational education and training and develop research approaches for the simultaneous development of practical solutions and knowledge acquisition ("design-based research"). We deal with the following questions and problems, among others:

  • Which control instruments can be used to effectively manage the tension between standardization and individualization in vocational education and training?
  • What measures can be taken in vocational education and training to meet current challenges (e.g. migration, demographic change, digitalization)?
  • Which forms of cooperation in initial and further training create added value for apprentices and teachers?
  • How can formal vocational education and training be combined with informal learning?
  • How can effective innovative training concepts be developed and implemented?

Our research

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