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Institute of Business Education and Educational Management

Our goal is the effective promotion of skills development, qualification and education in business and society. Our work focuses on the design of teaching/learning processes, school and education management, control and structures of education systems. The analysis of current framework conditions and development trends in educational practices as well as the analysis of current scientific findings form the basis of our commitment. The dovetailing of scientific knowledge acquisition (through research) and innovative design of educational practice (in initial and continuing training and consultancy) is our guiding principle.

We offer our services to different target groups: Pupils, students, teachers in schools, companies and universities, those responsible for education in companies, organizations in the world of work, associations, representatives of educational administration and policy, as well as researchers in the field of vocational and economic education and university research.

Our offers include:

  • "Training in Business Education" degree program to prepare students for in-depth educational work at baccalaureate schools and vocational schools in the field of business and law as well as in business contexts
  • Further training for teachers at schools, universities and in vocational education to professionalize their teaching activities and to qualify them to take on management responsibility in schools and universities
  • Advice on challenging issues relating to the design of teaching/learning processes in dynamically changing educational landscapes
  • Research in the fields of vocational and business education and higher education on complex problems of didactic action

We pool our resources in the following key areas

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