Institute of Business Education and Educational Management (IWP-HSG)

For learners, students, teachers, education managers and researchers in vocational and business education - we combine scientific research with relevant practical solutions and innovations for educational practice.

We work for various target groups and deal with the following issues, among others:

  • For pupils in the subject of Business & Law: What do teaching materials and teaching aids look like that support learning?
  • For students studying business education: How are findings from teaching/learning research translated into concrete didactic measures in lessons and seminars?
  • For teachers at schools, lecturers at universities and trainers in companies: How are the skills of pupils, learners and students determined, promoted and tested? What added didactic value do digital tools offer?
  • For program managers at universities: How are study programs managed and further developed?
  • For school principals and school management staff: How are school organization, school culture and school management designed in light of the current challenges?
  • For vocational training managers in companies: How are educational institutions managed efficiently and effectively? How are change processes in educational institutions organized?
  • For representatives of education administration and education policy: How are elements of the education system designed and managed so that they are adequate for the dynamically changing challenges in the economy and society?

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