Services in Vocational Education

Our goal is to accompany and provide the best possible support to vocational training stakeholders and educational institutions in overcoming current challenges.

Developments such as demographic change, migration flows, technological change, new education regulations and changes in the governance structures of education systems are creating new challenges and a need for action for vocational trainers, managers in education management and those with political responsibility for vocational education and training. Traditionally effective design principles of the vocational education and training system are being redesigned and readjusted: Vocational concepts, the duality of learning locations, the interlocking of market and state control, corporatist structures and the involvement of labor organizations are all experiencing new directions. In our consulting mandates in vocational education and training, we are active in the following fields, among others:

  • We advise trainers and teachers at vocational schools on the development and implementation of innovative training concepts (e.g. collaborative concepts, problem-based learning).
  • We support vocational schools in school management, school development, lesson development and curriculum design (e.g. in accompanying change processes, management consulting, coaching of school management).
  • We support training providers (vocational schools, associations, independent providers, companies) in changing their strategy, organization and training programme (e.g. through organizational or cultural analyses, strategy and mission statement development, curriculum development).
  • We advise political players on the design of regulatory instruments for vocational education and training. We support professional associations in the development of new continuing education structures and programs.
  • For governmental development cooperation organizations (e.g. GIZ, SDC), we prepare analyses and design concepts for the further development of vocational training systems in emerging and developing countries.
  • Together with foundations and political players in vocational training, we develop proposals for the further development of dual vocational training.

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