Business Studies - An introduction to the
St. Gallen Management-Model

The textbook "Business Studies" is conceptualized for teaching and learning business administration at the upper secondary and tertiary level.


In recent years, immersive teaching has become increasingly common. As well, the field of business administration is increasingly taught in English. The goal is to prepare young people for the demands of a global economy, and the English language has become increasingly important in this. However, until now, we have lacked an appropriate teaching tool. We therefore decided to translate this textbook into English. This allows us to close an important gap in the teaching of business administration at the upper secondary and tertiary level.

Structure of the textbook

To provide readers with a guiding framework, we have used the St. Gallen Management Model. Before describing the model, we explain why enterprises are economically active, what they do, and what types exist. So we begin with everyday life and look at practical ways that we may encounter enterprises. Only then does a generalized view of the model follow.
All chapters follow the same format: central questions, key terms, anchoring in the St. Gallen Management Model in words and picture, introductory and other examples that illustrate the theory and, finally, exercises that can be solved by applying the different methods and tools from business administration. 

The following illustrative example gives an impression of the content, structure and design of the book

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